2020 Christmas Cruz’s Cancelled

Vee Dub Family Christmas Cruz 2020 Cancelled Portishead

After careful consideration and discussions with everyone involved in the running and organising of the event including the council, authorities, sponsors, the charity and safety marshals we have made the very difficult decision to cancel both Christmas Cruz’s. As lots of you will know, many hours, phone calls and emails have been invested in trying to run these events, however we cannot in good conscience proceed under the current circumstances.

We really are gutted that we find ourselves in this position, however we have to look at the bigger picture and we feel that it is not socially or morally right for us to run the Cruz’s. Whilst we really do believe that those who have donated and got tickets to take part would obey the rules we have had to put in place, we could not vouch for the general public and it is this risk that the decision has been based upon. We are not prepared to put the reputation of anyone involved in the Cruz’s at risk through the possible actions of others, it would only take for one negative photo of people not social distancing for example to get some traction on social media and all of the good we will have done and joy we will have spread will be forgotten.

This is not a situation we thought we would find ourselves in, but we hope that you all understand why we cannot bring nearly 400 vans over the two days to Weston and Portishead – it would not be fair on those communities to put them at risk, however small that risk would be.

With regards to the donations that you have paid to take part in the Cruz’s this year we will be emailing everyone over the next couple of days with your options, but in summary these are to request a refund or to let your donation to the Bristol Children’s Hospital stand. For anyone who would like their donation to stand, we will provide you with two tickets per £5 donation to our Christmas Competition. We have had some amazing prizes donated so far including show tickets for next year, detailing products, hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, discount vouchers and more.

Vee Dub Family Christmas Cruz 2020 Cancelled Weston Supermare

Details of how to enter the competition for anyone wishing to do so will be announced hopefully tomorrow, I am just in the process of getting it all set up on the website this afternoon. Our plan is to have the competition draw live on Sunday 13th December so that we can get the winners prizes to them in time for Christmas. Tickets will cost £2.50 each, £2 will go to the Bristol Children’s Hospital and 50p covers our PayPal and site fees. To enter you will have to answer a multiple choice question correctly, I promise it won’ be too taxing to figure out the answer!

We are also going to run a Dec’d Dub Show ‘n’ Twinkle throughout December between the 1st and the 19th December where we are encouraging everyone to dress their Dubs up in a festive manner and spread the festive cheer around your local neighbourhood and post your videos / pictures. Be sure to hashtag your posts with #showntwinkle so that we can easily find your posts when we come to do the judging, there will be prizes for the top three entries, again more details will be released over the coming days.

Thank you all again for your support especially this year, it has been really challenging with us having to cancel our birthday campout, Cruise to the Prom and now the Christmas Cruz’s but we are looking forward to next year and being able to get everyone round some fire pits and back to shows.

Steve, Sam and the awesome Admin Team

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Steve Wright

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